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AI in action

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Picture credits:; Pixabay/Pexels / Jacob Müller

Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) tools have occupied the analytics market over the last decade and shows promise for futuristic outcomes. Not only do they represent an interesting phenomenon at the disposal of a computing era, but also it provides a number of benefits to the academic and corporate sectors. As a business case, AI/ML has shown promise with around 92% of large companies reporting returns on their data and AI investments. Further, a global survey reports that AI yields strategic benefits by improving system efficiencies and decision making, when used to its potential. AI as wide its applications are is gaining its strength in power industry too to reduce outages, increase productivity and efficiency by detrending the data and learning the system character.

With the upcoming AI/ML tools in OrxaGrid, electricity network operators will now be able understand/predict/maneuver the overall outputs/health/faults of an asset and decode complex networking in a power grid. This can be easily envisioned via prescriptive analytics for which companies across the globe are hunting for AI/ML solutions that can proactively give indications to the O&M officials to take necessary actions beforehand. This can be applied to various electricity network assets such as for transformers that undergo interturn faults and require timely identification to reduce overall operation and maintenance costs. For instance, an interturn fault can be directly analyzed via its electrical/thermal characteristics predicting binary outputs based on its previous trends. An AI/ML solution can come in handy by learning through experiences and predicting the same when similar conditions arise across different makes.

If you are looking to scale down your O&M costs by rearranging workforce and allowing machinic solutions to take charge, providing techno-commercial benefits to your organization by monitoring and predicting asset health in real-time, OrxaGrid solutions can provide you to your obvious needs, making a certain impact. With the upcoming Orxagrid solutions now you need not wait for operational activities to take place when an event occurs. With Orxagrid’s smart IoT sensors and its integrated online on-the-go software "the Grid Analytics Platform (GAP)", now you will be able to take proactive actions in time and manage network complexities efficiently.



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