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Enhancing Tomorrow's Power Grids with OrxaGrid's Asset Management Solutions

Now with OrxaGrid's asset management portfolio, you can do so much more.


As the world embraces a shift towards sustainable and decentralised energy generation, electricity distribution networks face new challenges in managing their assets effectively. The growing adoption of distributed generation and evolving customer needs necessitates a transformation from centralised to distributed electricity networks. However, this transition comes with its own set of complexities, including real-time monitoring, prompt issue resolution, and optimising power flow to avoid outages. In this dynamic landscape, the development of smart grids and advanced analytics platforms has become imperative for efficient asset management.

Challenges in Asset Management

The aging power grid network with legacy equipment poses a significant challenge for electricity distribution networks. Research indicates that nearly 40% of power grid assets are over 40 years old, resulting in a 30% increase in defects and the need for refurbishment to prevent failures. As a consequence, there is an upsurge in both planned and unplanned outages, leading to elevated electricity tariffs that leave consumers disgruntled. Utility operation and maintenance personnel require a solution that is quick, accurate, automated, and available on-the-go to address these issues promptly.

Moreover, the economic viability of electricity distribution businesses heavily depends on the return of investments, reduced payback periods, and the levelised cost of electricity. Therefore, a prescriptive solution that combines technology with commercial value is the need of the hour in this digital age of smart grids.

OrxaGrid's Asset Management Solution

In the face of these challenges, OrxaGrid offers a cutting-edge Grid Analytics Platform (GAP), specifically designed to monitor and assess electricity grid assets in real-time. GAP is the ideal value proposition for electricity networks, developers, independent power producers (IPPs), and utility service providers, as it optimises power flow in the demand-supply chain.

By leveraging OrxaGrid's analytics capabilities, stakeholders can make instant decisions and plan future actions that lead to reduced electricity tariffs and fewer faults, thereby minimising outages. Moreover, GAP also creates room for expansion by seamlessly integrating ancillary services such as electric vehicles, smart buildings, and renewable energy sources.

Seamless Integration of Offline and Online Data

OrxaGrid's uniqueness lies in its seamless integration of offline testing and measurement (T&M) data with real-time measurements on their online platform. This powerful combination is bolstered by the parent company SCOPE's expertise in the T&M instruments market, enabling customers to understand and correlate asset health parameters via actual field investigations and real-time data measurements.

The single canopy approach of OrxaGrid provides customers with both online and offline asset management data, empowering them to take necessary actions proactively and resolve asset issues promptly. This integration bridges the gap between traditional asset management practices and the digital transformation of smart grids, creating a holistic solution for electricity distribution networks.

Fig. SCOPE's Hisac Ultima data seen on OrxaGrid's GAP dashboard.


What we have developed (are developing)?

Key applications

Key assets

Key performance indices (KPIs)

Prescriptive Analytics, Remote control

Generation, transmission, distribution, renewable energy, hydrogen fuels, electric vehicles, ancillary services, demand-response, O&M resource optimization, telecom towers, etc..

Transformers, circuit breakers,  relays, solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, batteries, diesel generators, etc.

Prediction of generation (input and outputs), efficiencies, faults, failures, performance indices, uncertain factors impacting generation, remaining useful life, asset health indexing, etc., Prescribing ways of improvisation.​



Distribution assets

Demand-response, demand-supply ratios, penalties, power systems control, etc. Prescribing optimum power flow.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)


Field assets

Ticketing, managing workflow for reducing asset failures.


As the world moves towards cleaner and more decentralised energy systems, electricity distribution networks must adapt to the changing landscape. OrxaGrid's Grid Analytics Platform (GAP) addresses the challenges of growing distributed generation and aging infrastructure with its cutting-edge asset management solution. By enabling real-time monitoring, prompt issue resolution, and optimisation of power flow, GAP paves the way for efficient smart grids and elevated customer satisfaction.

With the seamless integration of offline and online asset management data, OrxaGrid empowers utility operation and maintenance personnel to make informed decisions and take timely actions. This techno-commercial value proposition ensures that electricity distribution businesses can maximise their return on investments and deliver reliable and cost-effective services to their customers, thus shaping a sustainable energy future for generations to come.


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